Hiking in the San Juan Islands

Tie your laces and pack a picnic!

Along rocky bluffs and driftwood covered beaches, you'll find historic lighthouses, stunning vistas and unmatched Salish Sea beauty.  Choose your level of difficulty, from easy walks to challenging climbs, across many different landscapes on countless nature preserves and public lands. Maps for each island can be found below and or on our Hiking Maps page.


Hiking on Lopez Island

Learn about the great trails on Lopez Island

@themountainscalled hiking on orcas 2

Hiking on Orcas Island

Learn about the great trails on the "gem of the San Juans"

Hiking on San Juan Island by Dana Halferty (3)

Hiking on San Juan Island

Hike around history on San Juan Island

Flowers of San Juans  poppies  lighthouse  Ballard

Best Wildflowers Hikes in the San Juans

Frolic among the flowers in the islands with these great trails

Roche Harbor Fall

Best Hikes to See Fall Color in the San Juans

Breathe in fall with these stunning views of the islands' changing foliage

@ted_tetrault - kayaking

Other Activities

Ready to explore the islands by sea? Or air? Check out other ways to explore the islands!