Island Overview

What are the San Juan Islands?

There are 172 named islands and reefs in San Juan County, however the four ferry served Islands; San Juan Island (with the county seat Friday Harbor), Orcas Island, Lopez Island and Shaw Island are the most populous and host the vast majority of lodging and dining options and tourism activities. Discover the beauty, history and culture of the islands.

Island Living

What should I see?

Whatever your mode of transportation—by car, bicycle, shuttle, or on foot—these itineraries can help you enjoy the San Juan Islands' natural wonders, historical sites and fun activities along the way.

Our Island Itineraries curate unique stops

Can I use my drone?

Thinking about bringing your drone?  Please be aware that drones are not permitted on public lands and waters in San Juan County. This includes state parks, the San Juan Island National Historical Park, Land Bank preserves, and the National Monument.  Please respect other visitors, residents, historic buildings, and wildlife, especially the Southern Resident orcas who are federally protected. If you are a member of the media, permits may be available for some locations. Contact Communications Manager Barbara Marrett ([email protected])  to learn more.