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Love It Like A Local

Things change when you're on island time. Priorities re-sort. While you're visiting, we invite you to "Love It Like a Local" and treat the San Juans with the same care and respect as you would your own backyard. It's an environment we all cherish and want to protect, and we encourage you to embrace island time while caring for one another and nature itself. 

Loving the Islands like a local can mean many things — bringing a reusable water bottle, volunteering in the community, driving carefully on narrow island roads, and everything in between. We value a slow pace here, and encourage you to embrace "island time" as you tread lightly, take only pictures, and leave no trace. The beauty of the Islands is meant to be shared and locals urge you to learn the history of this special place so we can work together to ensure it endures.

Travel Like a Local

From bringing your own travel mug to eating locally grown food, regenerative travel is in the air - and in the water. 

Get the Tips

Our wildlife is precious to us and we want to keep them wild. We know that this is their home, too, and we must work to protect their way of life. This is why we don't feed the foxes and maintain a safe distance while watching them. When on the water, we know to give marine life plenty of space to forage, play, and communicate with each other by being "whale wise."

The San Juan Islands Pledge

Add your name to the list of those pledging to protect the Islands.

Take the Pledge

Use these local resources to learn about the Islands before you visit. Discover green getaways to make your trip extra eco-friendly, use the responsible recreation checklist to pack all the right clothes and accessories, and learn about 10 fun ways to give back while you're here.  

Volunteer Vacations

Giving back isn't just something you can do at home. When you travel to the Islands, volunteering is a special opportunity to connect with the land and locals. Find opportunities to make a difference during your stay. 

Find Volunteer Opportunities
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