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Wellness in the Islands

Unplug, reconnect, and heal

“The islands are definitely a spiritual place to find yourself again." Angela is a yoga instructor and wellness expert in the Islands. "You can completely unplug here and just surround yourself with everything that nature has to offer."

VOICES OF THE ISLANDS VIDEO - Wellness Instructor Angela

There are many opportunities to pursue physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness in the islands. "You can paddleboard in some of the most beautiful bays - and it’s one of the most magical experiences," Angela says.

Wellness in the Islands

From hiking and biking, to swimming and paddling, there's something to simulate your body and mind. "You can do yoga in some of the most serene locations, by just throwing down a mat."

Wellness in the San Juans

Angela is just one of many people who have been healed by the islands. Consider the story of Robert Moran. A Seattle a ship builder in poor health, doctors told him he only had a year left to live. Moran made the decision to live out his final days on Orcas Island, where he built Rosario Resort.

Moran Mansion at Rosario Resort

Moran called the islands, “a place to regain physical, mental and spiritual health”.  And it worked! He went on to live another 39 years on Orcas Island. He also donated the land that became Moran State Park. 

Moran State Park entrance arch Orcas Island

Angela carries Robert Moran's beliefs into her work as a wellness instructor. "The San Juan Islands have a special way of healing people spirits.  Whatever I need, it’s all here."

yoga in the islands

With hikes, spas, outdoor soaking tubs, and fresh, locally-sourced food, there are many different opportunities to practice whatever modality of wellness that you choose.

Hiking at Sharkreef Sanctuary on Lopez Island, photo by Robert Harrison
Spa Tubs at Doe Bay by Doe Bay
Tomato dish at Ursa Minor, Photo by Trevor Eiler

"When I’m here, I feel connected to nature and myself," Angela says.

Experience peace and healing in the islands during your next visit. How can the islands be part of your personal wellness journey? 

Stewardship in the Islands

Stewardship in the Islands

There are a lot of amazing places in the world. So why do people come to the San Juans?