Ranger Chris

Natural Beauty in the Parks of the San Juan Islands

"People come here to truly recreate themselves—the culture here is different, the pace of life here is different"

Voices of the Islands Video - Park Ranger Chris

Washington State Park Ranger Chris is lucky enough to manage 17 state parks in San Juan County.

"What makes the park system here unique is just how diverse it truly is," he says. "We have the whole marine environment with the whales, the seals, the sea lions, and then we have the terrestrial environment, old growth forests, quiet lakes, streams, waterfalls."

Washington's 4th largest state park, Moran State Park, is a 5,252-acre park featuring the gem of the park system, the 2,409-foot elevation Mount Constitution. You can go mountain biking in winter and hike all year-round in a beautiful old-growth forest with incredible views of the islands all the way to Canada.

"We just have such an array of things you can do. There’s swimming, picnicking, camping—pretty much any outdoor recreational activity you can think of exists here in the San Juan Islands."

"I really do believe it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet," says Ranger Chris.


Moran State Park, Orcas Island, Photography by Kevin D'Haeze

Explore Nature in the San Juan Islands

From tiny island parks, to camping on the quiet shores of a mountain lake, there are many options for discovering the natural places of the islands.