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Kayaking in the San Juan Islands

“There’s a whole new perspective at sea level. You’re really able to just take a breath."

Voices of the Islands Video - Kayak Guide Kelly

The San Juan Islands are known for world-class kayaking, and one local kayak guide, Kelly, has a chance to see it every day.

"It is one thing to drive around the San Juan Islands, but it is a totally different thing to see it from a kayak," she says. "You feel like you are connected to a different world."

Steller Sea Lions, San Juan Islands, Photography Courtesy of San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau

From protected bays with kelp forests and seaweed covered cliffs, to diverse biology from sea lions and seals to 200 species of birds, the islands are an endless adventure in a kayak.

"Anyone can kayak, even total beginners," says Kelly. "We can give you all the gear and show you everything you need to know. There are plenty of places with protected harbors and bays that, especially with a guide, really anybody can go out."

Kayaking Spencer Spit, Lopez Island, Photography by Robert Harrison

If you're looking for more adventure, the San Juan Islands also have multi-day trips, where you can paddle to uninhabited islands, enjoy a gourmet dinner on the beach at sunset, or find secret coves to explore.  Kayaking is a low-impact way to see more of the beauty of the San Juans from a unique perspective—feeling the breeze, riding the waves, and seeing the wonders of nature up close.

Ochre sea stars, San Juan Islands, Photography by Mark Gardner
Kayaking, San Juan Islands, Photography by Robert Harrison

World-class kayaking

Paddle along shorelines teeming with life, or skim across a serene bay at sunrise. Kayaking in the islands is an activity everyone can enjoy.