Be a Responsible Island Traveler

Join us in enjoying and protecting the islands we love

The San Juan archipelago is one of the most cherished destinations in the Pacific Northwest. Be a responsible visitor and use these tips to help ensure the San Juans remain a beautiful and unique place to live, work, and play for generations to come.

The San Juan Islands Pledge

The San Juan Islands Pledge

Addyour name to the list of those working to preserve the islands.

Stewardship Video

What Does Stewardship Mean to You?

There are a lot of amazing places in the world. So why do people come to the San Juans?

Ferry The Samish and Mt Baker by Matthew Pranger

Responsible Travel to the San Juans

From bringing your own travel mug to eating locally grown food, sustainable travel is in the air - and the water

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace

Follow the seven principles of Leave No Trace in the islands

Orca tail slap by Monika Wieland Shields

Be Whale Wise

Here are some guidelines to help you watch marine wildlife responsibly

Responsible Wildlife Watching

Responsible Wildlife Watching

Our guide for common San Juan Islands wildlife, and tips to keep them, and you, safe!

Orcas in the San Juans, Jim Maya Photography

How You Can Help the Southern Resident Killer Whales

Three orca pods, J, K & L--the critically endangered "Southern Residents"--were federally listed in 2005, but the population continues to struggle. How can you help?

Beautiful Islands - Leave No Trace Style

Beautiful Islands - Leave No Trace Style

How a bucket list hike opened two hikers' eyes to the importance of protecting the San Juan Islands for future generations