Plan ahead, travel safely and use common sense

If you are bringing a group tour or bus to the San Juan Islands, here are some helpful guidelines that will make your trip safer, easier and more enjoyable.

Go Green:

Obtain Proper Permits:

  • Vehicles and Groups: For certain types of multi-person vehicles (such as tour busses) or group activities, you may need a permit to visit National, State or County Parks. Contact the Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce (Lance Mansfield, (360) 376-2273); the Lopez Island Chamber of Commerce (Christa Campbell at (360) 468-4664); or the San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau (Deborah Hopkins-Buchanan at (360) 378-6822 x1) to find out how to obtain a permit.
  • Film Crews: If you are planning to film or photograph in county, state or national parks or ports, you must obtain a permit. Check with the San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau to find out how to apply for access.

Know the Terrain: