Girl Meets Dirt

Girl Meets Dirt Archipelago Preserves specializes in single-varietal preserves made from local heritage orchard fruit.  Grown by small family farmers & homesteaders- many varietals come from trees that have been producing bounty for over 100 years, and some are exclusive to Orcas.  Many visitors are surprised to learn that Orcas Island was actually a major fruit-producing region in the early 1900s -- we are blessed with a longstanding orchard legacy and we take the responsibility of preserving it seriously.  That's why we classically prepare our preserves by hand in copper pots, with organic unrefined cane sugar, a squeeze of organic lemon, and fresh herbs from our kitchen garden.  We don’t use commercial pectin and rely on time, evaporation, and concentration for set; for us, it’s all about the fruit and drawing out its full potential.  

We’re inspired by the fact that so many of these trees have been producing for over a century and want to highlight that terroir by keeping add-ins to a minimum.  That’s also why we market our preserves not as jams, but as “Cuttings” and “Spoon” preserves - to encourage our customers to think about fruit preserves differently and to use them in different ways - our favorite being with a delicious cheese & charcuterie board (though they do just great on toast too!).  We think this fruit is really special; we hope our preserves help tell their story.  

Girl Meets Dirt has been featured nationally and locally in publications such as: Edible Seattle, Conde Naste Traveler,, Pure Green Magazine, Seattle Met, The Seattle Times, Departures, etc.

Our kitchen & shop is open for tastings by appointment (please call, email, or stop by to reserve...if our hands are free, we may be able to accomodate you immediately).  Feel free to visit during normal business hours (currently M-F 9-5pm) to say hello and to purchase preserves, or, come see (and taste!) at the Saturday Orcas, San Juan Island, or Seattle University District farmer’s market.

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