All Aboard Sailing Whale Watching

Whale watching sailing on a beautiful traditional pilothouse sloop. Sail away and be close to nature, let the wind and tide carry us through the islands and into the whales' world. Shut down the engine as we cut through the ocean under the power of sail: hear blows as Killer Whales breathe; the tail slaps as they hunt; the breaches as they socialize. Hear the piercing calls in the deep waters below the surface on our hydrophone. Be surprised by the mighty blows of the Humpback whale; be astonished by the roar of Stellar Sea Lions hauled out displaying dominance. Whale watch sailing delivers a memorable experience.

Participate as you wish by taking the helm and learning the lines. Space and freedom to move from bow to stern to the comfort of the pilothouse or galley and salon below decks. Ask for options such as going ashore, or for barbecue supper. Year-round opportunities. Every trip is different and is as enjoyable for us as it is for you: to learn about and teach the lives of whales is a lifelong passion of both Captain David Howitt and Co-Captain Naturalist Barbara Bender. We are the only Sailing Company to be members of the Pacific Whale Watch Association. Let's go Sailing!