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Virtual Tour of the Bioluminescence with Discovery Sea Kayaks

Experience the magic of the San Juan Islands with a kayak tour through the bioluminescence. Marvel at the natural lights from the depths of the ocean on this unforgettable tour.

Bioluminescence is the emission of light by a living organism. In the San Juan Islands, this organism is a marine dinoflagellate (a flagellated protist), called Noctiluca. When disturbed, noctiluca emits a sparkling green burst of light. When many bioluminescent organisms congregate in bays, the collective effect can be very dramatic.

The San Juan Islands of Washington State have significant tidal exchanges that create swift currents and ocean upwellings. These upwellings yield highly nutrient-rich bodies of water, creating an environment with a wide diversity of microorganisms. Some of these microorganisms are bioluminescent, creating their own light.

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