Map your San Juan Islands Adventure

The best way to get around the islands is to plan ahead

Whatever your favorite activity, from hiking and kayaking to biking from lunch to dinner, there's a map that shows you how to get there, stay safe and have fun. Here is a list of all the available maps of Lopez, Orcas and Friday Harbor/San Juan Island that might help you plan your trip:

Island Overview Maps

San Juan Islands & Scenic Byway Map

Orcas Island Visitor Guide and Map PDF

Lopez Island Visitor Guide & Maps page

Friday Harbor & San Juan Island Visitor Guide & Map PDF

Friday Harbor Street Map

Other Friday Harbor Maps (town parks, etc.)

Other San Juan County Maps

Farms & Food Maps

San Juan Islands Farms & Food Map PDF

Lopez Farm Products Guide & Map

Biking Maps

Following our bicycling itineraries is easier if you have a map for the island you are visiting. These maps show the best routes, ways to stay safe, and other details for your trip.

Cyclist's Guide to Lopez Island Map

Cyclist's Guide to Orcas Island Map

Cyclist's Guide to San Juan Island Map

Hiking Maps

Here you'll find a list of hiking maps from the SJC Land Bank, Preservation Trust, National Historical Parks, State Parks and more.