Shopping on Lopez Island

Head toward the village for organic groceries, picnic supplies and homemade fudge. Allow some time for a little gift shopping and you’ll be glad you did. The works of Island artisans are as enticing as can be.

Lopez Island
Blossom GrocerySee all information about this member
135 B Lopez Road
(360) 468-2204
Blossom Grocery

Established in 1977, Blossom Grocery provides the best grocery shopping experience in the San Juan Islands. We measure the quality of our products by their food miles, certified organic status, fair-trade status, producer ethics, affordability, simplicity, freshness and suitability for islanders' needs. We are locally owned, controlled and committed.

 Open Daily 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.


Lopez Island
Just Heavenly Fudge FactorySee all information about this member
9 Old Post Road
Lopez Island
Just Heavenly Fudge Factory - Shopping, Fudge,  Food Orcas Island

We feature 21 flavors of gourmet fudge, freshly made with organic butter, and 12 flavors of Lopez Island Creamery ice cream. Come in and browse our delicious Washington state gourmet foods. In our gift shop featuring local handmade gifts, you'll find toys, souvenirs, angels and more. Come in for a free taste of fresh fudge! [more...]

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