Getting Here is Half the Fun

Whether you ride a Washington State Ferry from Anacortes (you can now make a reservation at, fly from Seattle to the San Juan Islands by Kenmore Air seaplane from Lake Union, transfer from SeaTac to a regional flight, or hop on the sleek, seasonal Victoria Clipper in downtown Seattle bound for Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, arriving at the ferry terminal or boarding your plane marks the beginning of your San Juan Islands vacation.

Getting here is half the fun! A leisurely ride on a Washington State Ferry gives you a taste of the archipelago's beauty, with a choice of stops at the four largest islands—Lopez, Orcas, Shaw, or San Juan. By plane you'll have a more expansive view—snow-tipped Mt. Baker, the Olympic and Cascade ranges, and the beautiful islands stretching in every direction. The Victoria Clipper is also a convenient way to leave right from Seattle's waterfront.