Photography by Mark Gardner Portraits in the San Juans

You are all together and the islands are beautiful.  So take home the souvenir that will last a lifetime - a fine-art portrait by Mark Gardner.  I've been photographing in the San Juans for over 20 years, and have created unique portraits for couples, families, extended families, reunions and other groups.  To make your special portrait, we start by determining what you would like, taking into consideration your who will be in the portrait, your home décor, and lifestyle, as well as where and how you'll display your portrait.   I'll then photograph you in a scenic location in the San Juan Islands, and finally, use the digital darkroom to handcraft the images to create your portraits.

In each session, I typically make two kinds of portraits.  The first incorporates the people into the scenery of the islands and are intended to be printed as larger wall portraits that can be displayed above a fireplace or couch.  The second focuses more on the people without scenery, but a nice background, and are intended to be printed as a gift or tabletop portraits.  I also create coffee-table books that incorporate both types of portraits as well as selected scenic photographs from the islands.   And I can make holiday cards, calendars or just about anything else, or provide you with the files to do it yourself.

These special portraits do take time to organize so please contact me well in advance of when you want your portrait created or when you'll be visiting the islands.  That'll give us plenty of time to select a good time and location that fits into your schedule.  Thanks in advance and I look forward to seeing you in the islands.