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Virtual Wildlife Photography with Roche Harbor's Jack Riley

Roche Harbor's photographer Jack Riley shares his tips on wildlife photography.  Follow him on his adventures around the San Juan Islands in search of wildlife! 

In this first video, Jack visits the steller sea lions that call the Salish Sea home. 

Follow jack as he looks for river otters. These charming semi-aquatic mammals have long, streamlined bodies, thick, muscular tails, weigh 10 to 30 pounds and measure up to 4 feet long (including their tail). Their thick coats are dark brown above, and lighter, with a silvery sheen, below.

Unlike sea otters, they never float on their back, and forage on land and in marine subtidal and intertidal zones in the inland waters. They eat fish, sea stars, crabs, mussels, amphibians, bird eggs, and occasionally Glaucous-winged gull and other chicks. Look for foot-wide slides made out of grass, sand, or dirt near the water's edge. These are feeding areas.

Follow Jack as he discovers  the many unique creatures that live in the intertidal zone on San Juan Island.

Interested in following Jack's photography adventures? Find him on Instagram at @SanJuanWild. 

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