Summer Concert Series with Jesse Boleyn & Friends

July 15, July 21 & August 26
7:30 p.m.
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Admission Information:

$28, Student $14

American songwriter, recording artist, producer and author, Jesse Boleyn, is proud to present the 2017 Orcas Center Summer Concert Series. Often considered the protege of multi-platinum selling musician Shawn Phillips, multiple collaborations across three decades with legendary David Bowie guitarist and film composer, Chuck Hammer, has produced a collection of masterful works. Boleyn will be performing many of those classics in this highly anticipated performance.

Opening night is a special treat with Jesse’s friend, Seattle blues master, Nick Vigarino, opening the show. Both Boleyn and Vigarino have performed hundreds of concerts in Europe, Canada, and the States. The list of pro’s that contribute to Boleyn’s music have also performed and recorded with music greats, Peter Gabriel, The Eagles, Lady Gaga, Tangerine Dream, and Pink Floyd.

Dates & Performances:

Saturday, July 15, Jesse Boleyn

Friday, July 21, Ralf Illenberger

Saturday, August 26, Adey Bell