Opening Day Boat Parade

May 5, 2019
2:15 p.m.
Admission Information:


Come to the Friday Harbor waterfront to view A Community Afloat!

The parade can best be viewed from Spring Street Landing and adjoining waterfront locations. The parade will mark the first public showing of the two Lummi traveling canoes built by Spring Street students under the supervision of a Lummi elder.

The entire San Juan Island boating community is on display in his traditional start of the boating season.  Boats of all sizes, whether power, sail or human-powered parade in front of the marina competing for recognition in categories such as the best classic wooden boat, best display of event theme and signal flags and best commercial boat.   You will rarely see such a diverse mix of watercraft on display!  Almost all community organizations and businesses connected with our marine environment will be participating.  

Following the parade, there will be an awards ceremony at the San Juan Island Yacht Club at 4:30 p.m. The parade is sponsored by the San Juan Island Yacht Club in partnership with the Port of Friday Harbor.