Kruger Escapes Advanced SUP Clinics

March 16 - 18, April 13 - 15 & May 4 - 6
All Day
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The Isla Vida Group is proud to present the upcoming Advanced SUP Clinics hosted by @krugerescapes on Orcas Island. Karl Kruger of R2AK’s Team Heart of Gold wants to spend the weekend enhancing your endurance paddling skills and techniques.

Three clinics available, the first of which is coming up quick! March 16th-18th. April 13th - 15th. May 4th - 6th. Booking through @islavidasanjauns Space is very LIMITED and HIGHLY coveted.

Don’t forget the @seventy48 is coming up June 11th, 2018. Here’s your special opportunity to train within the San Juans Island with @karl.kruger1  

After paddling the Race To Alaska by Northwest Maritime Center, Karl Kruger has received a deluge of emails, texts, messages and phone calls inquiring "HOW? How do you paddle 766 miles?" Inquiring minds and bodies want to know!

SO! We are very excited to announce we will be hosting 3 Day Advanced SUP Clinics focused on preparation for endurance paddling! Join us for a three day weekend including:
*Cross Training for Stability and Balance
*Nutrition & Fueling
*Finding Flexibility in Your Stroke
*Paddling at Night

Visit the Event Link below, or go directly to for information and registration. Get ready to paddle! (Limited space available; 6 participants maximum per clinic).