Geometric Meets Organic: Geoforms and Atmospheric Firing

November 5, 2019 to November 26, 2019
6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
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Students will learn to create 3D geometric mobius forms out of clay using a specialized slab and tar paper construction technique. The forms will be finished with terra sigillata, a fine slip that can be burnished to create a satiny sheen. Finally, students will fire their pieces using an atmospheric raku technique called sagger fire. This involves wrapping the piece in organic materials and enclosing it in an aluminum foil or papier-mache packet before firing and results in unusual and beautiful effects.

This class is a fantastic opportunity to experiment with a truly stunning process- no ceramics experience necessary, and each student will come away with multiple forms!

Kat Rose is an accomplished ceramicist whose expertise includes throwing, glazes (including crystalline glazes), and so much more.