Friday Harbor Film Festival 2017

November 3, 4 & 5
10:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.
Admission Information:


This year is the 5th Anniversary of the Friday Harbor Film Festival !!  We are delighted to have become an important regional documentary film festival and a continuing favorite of the filmmakers them selves!!  

The 2017 Friday Harbor Film Festival programs are 56 pages and is it by far our most comprehensive program to date, which is a perfect way to celebrate our 5th Year of the Film Festival!! 

For 2017 we have 4 returning filmmakers with new films.  We also will be featuring 2 films we have supported throughout their production, Crazy Wise, about mental illness and Headhunt Revisited a remarkable story about an extraordinary women explorer.  We are thrilled this year as well to finally feature Loving Vincent a story of Van Gogh, illustrated completed by his own painting style. We will screen up to 40 films, throughout the 3 days of the film festival in 5 venues.  

This year’s coveted Andrew V. McLaglen Lifetime Achievement Award is being presented posthumously to Elouise Cobell, a Blackfeet Tribal community leader and an advocate for Native American self-determination and financial independence. The choice of Cobell as the award recipient reflects the broader mission of the Friday Harbor Film Festival -- an event intended to shine light on stories and people who make a difference in our world.  Cobell’s compelling story is told in the film 100 Years: One Woman’s Fight for Justice, which is being screened at the opening night Galaduring this year’s Festival. Melinda Jenko, the filmmaker will be accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of Cobell. 

This popular event features three full days of quality documentaries and docu-dramas, highlighting compelling stories about humanitarian efforts, environmental issues, social concerns and daring explorations. Each film will be followed by lively discussion with the filmmaker or a local expert. 

The Friday Harbor Film Festival celebrates documentary filmmakers who use their talents to create awareness, serving as a force for positive change. Friday Harbor Film Festival is providing free weekend passes to all elementary, middle and high school students in Friday Harbor who want to attend. Any interested student may receive a free student wristband, which provides access to films shown during the festival. Elementary and Middle School students, accompanied by their parents/guardians, can pick up their wristbands at the Festival Office.

During the festival’s past four years, over half of the filmmakers whose documentaries were screened came to Friday Harbor from across the globe. Our celebration of the filmmakers, as well as our focus on the conversations that their films evoke, distinguish this festival. We provide not only an opportunity to experience great stories that are told well, but also to engage with others in meaningful discussions at the conclusion of each film. In this way, we are successful in connecting the audience directly with both the stories and the festival’s core mission, which is to:

Entertain audiences through the art of compelling storytelling;

Inspire audience members, as well as filmmakers, to be a force for positive change;

Enlighten all participants by conveying relevant information, creating awareness and expanding appreciation of our fragile planet, diverse cultures and those daring to explore new frontiers; 

Encourage students to participate in the Young Filmmakers Project to learn the art of storytelling through film.

Please check out the festival’s website for this year’s exciting line-up of films: More information email:  [email protected] or phone (360) 298-1939.