DEEP DIVE: Artists Bring Us the Salish Sea

Thursday-Monday, June 14 - September 16, 2019
11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Admission Information:

$10 members, 18 & under free. Mondays Pay As You Can Days

Artists Spotlight the Endangered Species of the Salish Sea

The San Juan Islands Museum of Art is bringing the finest of Pacific Northwest art to showcase the denizens of the deep and the icons of the Salish Sea.

The exhibition will illustrate the ecology in our ocean and look deeply into the waters at colorful marine life.  While the exhibition will delight with glowing art by many Northwest artists such as Raven Skyriver, it will also send messages about threats to the approximately 130 variously endangered species:  Jellyfish. Orcas. Starfish. Salmon. Eel Grass. Herring. Nudibranch. Anemone. Humpback. Octopus.

The Salish Sea has an abundance of underwater life most of us will never see. DEEP DIVE brings these beauties and rarities to SJIMA visitors.

In Andrew Shewman’s Waterline, a whale fluke moves within the art morphing from a human to vessel form, astounding visitors. Empathy. Insight. Seeing our underwater world through another’s eyes informs and inspires learning and stewardship. 

Additionally, we are planning satellite events with renowned marine experts, gallery walks with exhibiting artists and custom music by world-renown composer, Alex Shapiro.

Photos: Entangle by Raven Skyriver, photo by Peter Kuhlein. Waterline by  Andrew Shewman