David Berger on The Razor's Edge, The Washington Razor Clam Phenomenon

October 18, 2018
7:00 p.m.
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What brings thousands of men, women, and children to Washington’s sandy coastal beaches every year, braving weather and surf? The buried treasure is known as the Pacific razor clam.

Hunting and gathering these creatures has preoccupied Northwesterners from the time of the Native peoples to the present moment. Challenging to dig, delicious to eat, and providing a sometimes heady experience of abundance, razor clams are entwined with the state’s commerce, identity, and history. Join author and clam digger David Berger to explore the twists and turns of a quintessential Northwest activity from its pre-settlement days to the present.

Offered by The Lopez Library Speaker Series and sponsored by Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau and the Friends of the Library.