May 24 - June 8, 2019 - Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays
7:00 p.m.
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Ladies and Gentlemen of all ages! Come one, come all!

Step right up and see THE NEXT BIG THING from Rock on the Rock:


An acrobatic big top choir extravaganza of epic proportions!  Featuring the Rock on the Rock choir, Island Aerial Acrobatics, Magician Star Mathew Laslo, a gaggle of kids, and music from The Greatest Showman!  Join us for nine shows of oddities, wonderment, magic, singing, dancing, acrobatics, wild animals…

…and a Secret Talent Show featuring YOU!  Bring your weirdest 10-second secret talent to share on the Orcas Center stage during the show!  The weirder the better! What’s the unique talent that you’ve never told anyone about? Can you juggle kittens?  Can you stick a spoon in your nose? Can you balance jello on your forehead while reciting Proust? It’s time to let your freak flag fly!

From the creative minds of Grace McCune and Jake Perrine with choreography by Katie Zwilling, aerial coordination by Stephie Mac, set by Robert Hall, and costumes by Asifa Welch.

Tiered Ticket Pricing:
Thursday: $10, $25, $47
Friday/Saturday: $15, $25, $47

**Orcas Center’s Tiered Ticket Pricing is based on the needs of your family. The variant in pricing is not based on seat location or dates of performances, rather, what you’re able to afford to help us to maintain our facilities and create quality programming.

Tier A is a rate subsidized by our generous donors. Tier B is our standard rate, also subsidized by our generous donors. Tier C is the true cost per patron of putting on a show at the Orcas Center. **