Celebrating the Coast Salish Wooly Dog

May 7, 2017
4:00 p.m.
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When first encountered the Native people of the San Juan Islands and Salish Sea wore woolen shirts, socks, cloaks and hats, slept under thick woolen blankets, and gifted European visitors with richly colored blankets and rugs. Early explorers were also astonished to see Native people herding flocks of fluffy white dogs along the shore or transporting them by the dozens in canoes, and it did not take them long to make the connection: dogs were raised and sheared like sheep.

Learn about this unique Salish Sea textile tradition, and the beautiful traditional patterns, colors and textures that young Coast Salish artists have begun to draw into their contemporary paintings and fashion. Join widely published ecologist and historian Russel Barsh and botanist and spinner Madrona Murphy for a slideshow presentation, demonstration, and refreshments celebrating the Coast Salish “wooly dog” and the first peoples of the islands.