Follow our online driving or cycling tour of Lopez Island, or print out this driving tour map of Lopez, Orcas and San Juan Islands.

Lopez has the most water vistas from the road of the islands, and the journey around the island clings to the shoreline in a number of places. You’ll also pass plenty of farmland and natural areas—if you’re here in the late summer bring a bowl and pick blackberries along the way.

Don’t miss the Shark Reef Sanctuary on the west side of the island, where a short 10-minute hike through a forest will lead to rocks where you’ll get views over the water and an almost certain seal (and perhaps sea lion and otter) sighting—just be sure to follow the path around to the left.

On the east side of Lopez Island is Spencer Spit State Park, so called for the lagoon-enclosing sand spit on which it rests. You can also rent bikes (or kayaks) from Outdoor Adventures on the beach here.

One of the prettiest areas on Lopez Island is Watmough Bight in the southeastern part of the island. Here you’ll get fabulous views of Mount Baker and the Cascade Mountains, or look down into the water to see purple seastars and jellyfish. This area’s not marked on the Lopez map as a park but take it from us - it’s worth veering off for.