Lopez Island Kayaking

To feel like a true island pioneer, try kayaking from Lopez Island. The south side of Lopez is dotted with national wildlife refuge islands, set aside for animals and protected—no people allowed. The silence of a kayak’s approach lets you view shoreline habitat and nesting birds up close without disturbing anyone. And this dedicated conservation effort makes you feel like you’re really in the wilderness.

Expansive views are also very accessible from Lopez Island waters—off the southwest or southeast part of the island where Rosario Strait meets the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Lopez Island
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Lopez Kayaks, Lopez Island Wildlife Recreation, San Juan Islands

Lopez Kayaks offers rentals, kayak trips and sales. Our on-the-water kayak shop has been serving the area since 1995 with one of the best launches in the San Juan Islands. Rent by the hour or for multiple days, with car topping available. Our rental shop offers maps, books, kites, hats, kayaking information and more. All ages and abilities are welcome. [more...]

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