Hikes on Lopez Island

Lopez Hill

Known locally as “the heart of Lopez,” Lopez Hill offers a forest escape for hikers and nature lovers. The area spans 400 acres, with the hill standing at 535 feet. An intricate network of trails (at least seven are mapped) offers challenging hikes through rocky knolls, canyons and prairie land. Plant lovers can feast their eyes on a range of island flora, from fungi to lichens to wildflowers. From the summit, enjoy views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and beyond to the south.

Hummel Lake

If you are spending some time in Lopez Village and fancy a stroll in the woods and a lake view, Hummel Lake is a five-minute drive away. An 80-acre nature preserve, Hummel Lake has a fishing dock and an easy trail route through the surrounding woods.

Chadwick Hill

The second-highest peak on Lopez Island, Chadwick Hill rises above one of Lopez’s favorite beaches located on Watmough Bay. Before taking a break on the beach though, hike to the 470-foot summit for some great views over Rosario Strait to Whidbey Island and the mainland in the far distance.

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