We look forward to your visit to the beautiful San Juan Islands, and we hope your visit exceeds your expectations for recreation, relaxation and rejuvenation. Please keep the following in mind, leaving little impact on our precious islands and surrounding waters.

San Juan County is a Marine Stewardship Area - There are numerous protections, both voluntary and regulatory, that exist to protect and restore the waters and wildlife of San Juan County. Remember, our responsible use of these waters today will allow for our enjoyment tomorrow.

Conserve Water & Energy - We are surrounded by salt water, but our fresh water resources are limited. Take short showers and reuse towels. Report water leaks to your innkeeper. Turn off lights when not in use. Protect the night sky for stargazing.

Recycle & Don't Litter - Recycle newspapers, magazines, plastics, glass, cans, etc. All of San Juan County is a "no litter zone."

Hiking & Beachcombing - Stay on designated trails and watch where you step. Leave starfish and other tidepool creatures in their natural environments. Coast Salish tribes have frequented the Islands for thousands of years. Please do not disturb midden sites, artifacts or areas of cultural significance. Build fires in established fire pits only, and only if our burning ban (mid June-mid Oct.) is not in effect. Be respectful of private property. Pack out all garbage.

Pets - Keep pets leashed, and pick up after your companion.

Wildlife Watching - The Islands are full of "watchable wildlife." Ask your innkeeper or the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Centers about wildlife viewing locations and commercial wildlife tours. Keep your distance and respect wildlife and their habitats.

Whale Watching - Be Whale Wise! It's now Washington State law. Southern Resident Killer Whales are frequently seen in the San Juan Islands (typically April-September) and have been listed as an Endangered Species. You can watch whales from land or from a boat. Lime Kiln Point State Park a.k.a. Whale Watch Park on San Juan Island is a great location to possibly see the whales. If you choose to go on a boat with a commercial operator, select a Pacific Whale Watch Association member dedicated to following best whale watching practices. If you are whale watching from a private boat, follow the Be Whale Wise guidelines which include staying at least 200 yards away from the whales and respecting the No Boat Zones along the west side of San Juan Island. Get whale watch guidelines and the new state regulations at The Whale Museum, www.whalemuseum.org or at Chamber of Commerce Visitor Centers.

Stranded & Injured Animals - Report all stranded or injured marine mammals to The Whale Museum's Hotline, 1-800-562-8832, and all other wildlife to Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, 360-378-5000. Don't touch, take or feed an animal you think is injured or stranded; phone in its location.

Boating - While boating near any of our 83 National Wildlife Refuges, or seal haul out and sea bird nesting areas, maintain at least a 200-yard distance to avoid disturbance. Be sensitive to eelgrass and kelp bed habitats. When anchoring, select sites which do not disturb sediments and vegetation in less than 30' of water. Overnight moorage is available at over a dozen marinas and Marine State Parks.

Fishing & Crabbing - Be aware of State Fisheries regulations, biological preserves, special bottomfish recovery zones, and seasonal and area closures for crabbing, fishing, and collection of shellfish and seaweeds.

Thank you for helping us to conserve our natural and cultural heritage.

This message has been brought to you by:

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